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Choose the ten points of the used loader
Public date:2017/7/26   Hits:1871
Second-hand loader after a long period of operation, its own quality had a certain degree of impact. Into the second mobile phone market, the face of an array of machines, which is your "true love"? How to rough to fine, over five off six will bring their own satisfaction to the loader home?
To see if it is a painted car. Pay attention to match the number of the whole car, engine number, frame number, bridge number. Under normal circumstances the number of the date of the parts will not be separated for too long, generally not more than 3 months, more than a long time it is necessary to consider whether it is refurbished assembly.
Carefully check the front and rear frame with or without cracks, welds, paint, deformation. If so, depends on whether it is an important position (hinge, frame welding, etc.). See where you want to touch your hands. Sometimes the place is cracked repair repair, eyes can not see it alone, when the hand to touch will feel.
Start the device throttle to the maximum, lifting the bucket, flat running straight, step on the brakes, to determine whether the articulation pin movement, beating. Beating the powerful words, this car may be out of vigorously (how to feel the amount of movement, you can feel the new machine to be a comparison, so be aware of).
Long time in harsh environments to use the loader, its own loss is often larger, and the tire wear will be very serious. Tire itself is a high price, so at the time of sale, many people do not make tire replacement, which, through tire wear to determine the loss of the loader, or more accurate. In the purchase, if you find the loader tires have more serious damage, then we must pay more attention to this loader is likely to work more wear and tear, for the use of parts have to make in-depth decision.
In addition, do not just look at the old and new tires, the new may be the whole tires, to see what brand of tires, write down to check. Full tires to pay attention to look around the ring (tires and steel ring inside the gap). Genuine tires are relatively smooth and tidy, refurbished tires are generally not smooth and tidy; half-tires are relatively easy to see out. Old tires to see the teeth, the edge of the opening, opening size, with or without make up.
Hydraulic box
Open the mouth, smell the presence or absence of chewing taste, some words that high temperature. Use the ruler, drop a drop of oil in the white, non-reflective paper, see whether the aluminum alloy powder, there is a problem with the description of the turbine. Normal oil should be clean, slightly red.
Appearance to be clean, check there is no place to leak, start is sensitive. Cold car just start should have a slight blue smoke, heat machine without blue smoke, fuel door with a slight black smoke, the next exhaust when the basic does not smoke, if there is smoke, should be white, if you take the blue smoke should be careful.
There is also a small experience, that is, to see the engine coolant is water or antifreeze. Plus anti-antifreeze owners are more love machine. If possible, open the air filter to see if the inlet is clean, the protection of the machine inlet are very clean. But also through the sealant to determine whether the engine has been repaired.
The bucket is one of the most serious parts of the loader's work, and it is also one of the most important working devices. Therefore, in order to ensure that the loader can be put into use very well, we must strictly do a good job bucket wear check, judge the car age, to avoid the selection of poor quality loader. Selection should see the board thickness, side panels, floor, whether the deformation and thickness.
Water tank
Add the water on the car for 3 years must be completely clean the tank, or heat is certainly not good. If the tank is damaged and blocked by the scale, the cleaning time to wash off the scale, the water tank will leak. You can make up on the fill, can not fill it, then you have to spend thousands of ocean ah!
To confirm the gearbox with or without waiting file, hydraulic problems, to ensure that the gearbox work effectively, to avoid the efficiency of the loss. In addition, in the gearbox detection at the same time, for the loader of the working pump also affect the appropriate good detection, to avoid serious wear and tear to prevent the loader may have slow arm and other problems.
Hydraulic system
See whether the operation is smooth, do a single action suffocated to see if the engine is out of fire (idle), fuel valve connection is leaks. Check the machine hose, hose generally 2-3 years will crack, if the machine on the surface of the hose are covered with cracks, especially under the cab (the local long-term wind and rain) will be careful.
Second-hand machine water is very deep, there is no eye-catching eye is difficult to buy a satisfactory machine. So the purchase process, do not miss any of the details.
At present, the domestic second-hand loader a wide range. The user's economic situation and the construction situation to be faced, is the main basis for the purchase of machinery, what kind of work to determine which machine can bring the largest input-output ratio.
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