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Ecological balance of China 's construction machinery industry
Public date:2017/7/26   Hits:2128

Talking from Zhoushan Yellow Fish

    Over the years, the Chinese people are very fond of eating yellow croaker, especially wild large yellow croaker, that is our childhood table the most delicious seafood. To catch more wild yellow croaker, earn more money, Chinese fishermen use a brutal "knocking homework", that is, dozens of boats with bamboo plate, so that the two otoliths in the skull , Big fish, small fish together fainted, a clean sweep. This kind of extinct fishing way for the catch of yellow croaker in 1974 reached a record 197,000 tons, but also to the wild large yellow croaker by the devastating blow. In 1994, the catch of yellow croaker dropped to 20,000 tons. After entering the 21st century, almost no fish in China's coastal waters, China's top ten fisheries are all in name only, wild large yellow croaker has been basically disappeared.

    Not only fishery resources so, China's forest resources are also undergoing devastating deforestation. When traveling in countries such as Sweden and Norway, I often ask myself the question: why did the ancestors of the family leave the green mountains covered with the forest, and our ancestors left only the bare barren hills? Later I learned that these The state has strict legislation, after logging trees must be planted the same number of trees to keep the forest alive.

    So the question is not what our ancestors have left us, but whether we have enough wisdom to maintain a good ecological balance, both to make these resources in our hands into wealth, for the benefit of mankind, but also to protect these Resources for future generations to leave the sustainable development of capital.

    "Industry ecology" precarious

    China's construction machinery industry is also the case. To excavator, for example, from 2001 to 2011, the Chinese market excavator development experienced a decade of gold, compound growth rate of more than 30%. However, due to the industry's quick success, frantically expand production capacity, resulting in a serious imbalance between supply and demand. According to the British Off-HighwayResearch data, China's current excavator capacity is 538,000 units, far more than the global market demand. Manufacturers can only take price cuts, reduce down payment and radical credit sales to lower the threshold in order to sell more equipment.

    However, the real needs of the market does not depend on the manufacturer's production capacity, four trillion economic stimulus to bring short-term prosperity is only the future demand ahead of cash, through a variety of promotional means of manufacturing "artificial bull market" and can not long , Breaking the balance between supply and demand will only give manufacturers, agents, banks and users of serious financial risks. When the market is far more than the market demand, the investment rate of return on equipment also will be reduced, a direct impact on the customer's ability to repay, resulting in increased claims agents, credit sales increased dramatically.

    The pursuit of high profits destroys the industry's ecological environment, and the end result is hurting everyone in the industry: manufacturers, agents and users. 10 years, excavator manufacturers continue to resort to "zero down payment, trade-in, three and a half years of recycling, life-long free warranty" and so on a "innovative" marketing strategy, but few people seriously evaluate these radical practices to bring agents The risk and damage.

    Rule Reconstruction: Remedy, it's too late?

    China's construction machinery market has been a rapid decline for four consecutive years, it may take several years this crisis will be in the past. In the face of severe market conditions, we have thought about: what is the cause of the construction machinery market of the Great Depression? Remedy, not late, if we do not learn, even lucky enough to survive the crisis, the next We still make the same mistakes in the crisis, the same can not escape!

    China's economic growth rate has just dropped to 7%, the construction machinery industry to feel the cold winter, but this growth rate for the Western developed countries is a luxury, in fact, China's sales in 2014 is still more than North America to occupy the world The largest construction machinery market. Why foreign construction machinery enterprises in the lower than 2% of the economic growth environment is still able to survive and develop, and we in 7% of the economic growth environment is difficult to survive? The cause of the current crisis is not the slow pace of development, but we break The ecological balance of the construction machinery market, as we have destroyed the same fishing and forest resources. We have not only irrationally invested in a large number of excess capacity, choose a radical credit sales model, in the market downturn and even a large number of parts assembly sold at low prices to the accessories market cash, but also foolishly shouting "life free warranty" slogan , Stifled the construction machinery after the market!

    Foreign construction machinery mature market will use the credit sales model, but those countries have a sound credit control system, and the loan is a purely commercial behavior between banks and customers, the bank has a professional staff of the customer qualification and assets assessment and audit , Appear overdue payment by the bank to carry out the collection or take legal proceedings. China's business environment and foreign mature market is different from a lack of sound credit system in the country, select the radical credit sales model, excessive use of financial leverage will inevitably pay a painful price. If we do not sum up the lessons, do not analyze the root causes of this crisis, do not give up the wrong approach, we may repeat the historical mistakes.

    When the fishermen in Zhoushan fishing fishermen "booing fishing", if someone does not do so, the yellow croaker is someone else to catch the light! When the construction machinery industry was put forward the first such as crazy marketing initiatives, there are always other companies to follow suit and Not they do not know the risk, but they are afraid of business was robbed by others! This irrational, with the flow of marketing will not change the future of the industry will become bleak. Therefore, the reconstruction of the construction machinery industry, the ecological environment and the development of the rules of the industry's top priority.

    Joey Lyman in the "purpose of the story," a book that: the world's best companies are those who have a lofty purpose of the company, hope that the company can do everything to make the world better. At this stage, the industry's biggest problem is the profit as the only pursuit of the enterprise, the development of the industry evolved into a quick success, unscrupulous and easy to expand the competition, the lack of social responsibility, no one fully consider the industry's ecological balance and healthy development, And this is precisely the crux of the development of China's construction machinery industry.

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