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China Construction Machinery Industry usher in a comprehensive recovery cycle
Public date:2017/12/18   Hits:2556
With the "Iron-based" strong demand driven, downturn for many years to change a decadent construction machinery, sales soared. Recently, the stock market construction machinery sector is ready to go, with the arrival of the off-season, there will be investment opportunities Mody it? How to pay attention?
First, how much construction machinery in the end
After five years of winter, construction machinery finally ushered in a recovery rebound, with "calf was exposed pointed" to describe the most appropriate, what is the reason?
1. Construction machinery companies cattle not cattle, first look at performance
The performance of the trip, you need to see product sales to excavators, for example, in May 2017, the domestic excavator sales totaled 11,283 units, an increase of 105.65%. Monthly growth is not what?
Construction machinery industry usher in a full recovery cycle
China Construction Machinery Industry usher in a comprehensive recovery cycle
Looking at the figures for the first five months, the cumulative sales in January-May stood at 66,000 units (70,000 units in the previous year), up 100.5% from a year earlier. Among them, the export of 780 units, accounting for about 6.91%, an increase of 12.22% (very good, more popular domestic products). Beautiful data can continue?
June data show that sales continue to grow rapidly in June 27 days of industry-wide excavator sales growth of more than 90% over the previous year.
2. Resuscitation cycle, the block can not stop
In addition to performance, the industry usher in a rare recovery cycle. The industry has experienced a complete "boom-recession-recovery" cycle in the last decade (06-16 years), as evidenced by the performance of excavator sales. From 2006 to 11 years high, then 15 years and entered the trough, 16 years began to recover, 17 years still continues, we can see the recovery cycle, the block can not stop.
In addition, taking into account the service life of construction machinery has 7-10 years, the construction machinery put before there are new expectations.
3. Demand side of the market open, the stimulus is still the demand side of construction machinery where?
"Iron base", real estate is the two main force, although the growth rate of the real estate market narrowed, but the "iron base" demand market has been opened. From a policy point of view, the "Three-year Action Plan for Major Infrastructure Construction of Transportation Infrastructure" promulgated in 16 years proposes that the investment amount in the three years of 2016, 2017 and 2018 will be 2.1, 1.3 and 1.3 trillion respectively, with the guarantee of infrastructure planning , The demand for construction machinery and equipment is expected to continue.
Prior to this, some brands of dealers in the first half of 2015-2016 have already concentrated on second-hand phones, which in turn stimulated the market demand for new machinery and equipment.
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