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Belt and Road: China Railway Construction Machinery Attacks Again
Public date:2017/12/18   Hits:2646
On May 10, the first large-scale railway maintenance machinery for 4 railroads was successfully sent to Malaysia for acceptance by the representative of Golden Eagle in Hubei Golden Eagle Heavy Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as Golden Eagle Heavy Industry) for use in the reconstruction of the existing railway line in the east coast of the country. This is the first time China Railway Corporation under the railway construction machinery design, manufacturing enterprises for the first time exported to Southeast Asia sets of large-scale maintenance machinery.
Following China's high-speed rail technology and equipment exports to many countries, China's railway construction machinery has also begun to export Southeast Asia, opened the curtain to the world. Each country along the "One Belt and One Road" has different levels of economic development and different levels of railway construction. However, he hopes that through the "one road, one belt" link and through the intertwining of economic belts, all countries want to make new progress in economic and social development so as to achieve the goal of building a strong Wealth is willing and the goal is the same. In itself, "along the way" is a grand project of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Then, the manufacturing capability and level of manufacturing that we have accumulated over the years exactly correspond to the needs of the railway development and construction in the relevant countries along the line. Economic development is inseparable from the flow of people and things, the flow can not be separated from the transport carrier, can not be separated from the relevant maintenance equipment, then our country's railway construction machinery really worry about "in-laws."
The author also learned that in the past three years alone, in terms of energy construction, central enterprises have built more than 60 energy projects and oil and gas cooperation projects in over 20 countries along the "Belt and Road" and led the development of local resources and energy construction. So energy, oil and gas are very dependent on rail transport, the railway as the main transporter, the local railway construction is bound to usher in a good development, then the next maintenance of railway maintenance is a matter of course.
In distant Africa, our railway project is already beginning to bear fruit. The Benguela railway, built by the Chinese people, has a total length of 1344 kilometers and a design speed of 90 kilometers per hour. The total investment of the project is about 1.83 billion U.S. dollars. It is the longest and fastest route ever built in Angola Fast, the largest modern railway project, annual cargo volume reached 24,000 tons. The equipment and technology used in this railway are all also from China. This case shows that both high-speed railway and general railway have high-quality rail technology and equipment in China and all have brand effect.
It is not hard to imagine that the "One Belt, One Road" construction across the Asia-Pacific and European economic circles will tighten the bond between Asia and Europe. Many countries along the route believe that the "One Belt and One Road" plan represents a great opportunity for the local revival and development. Only getting to China Express will be able to better share the dividends. Well, we have reason to believe that China's railway equipment manufacturing industry will certainly usher in a more prosperous period of development.
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